Napier Private Investigator

Mike is a licensed private investigator and has been investigating for over 30 years with the Police, as a Detective and Sergeant, local Government, New Zealand Post and latterly with the Serious Fraud Office.

He brings extensive experience in investigating criminal matters, serious and complex fraud, employment related issues, as well as offering training and fraud prevention solutions.

He is a certified member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners the world leading anti-fraud organization. Mike recently attended the ACFE’s 22nd annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, California.

Fraud Training for Kiwibank

Whilst at New Zealand Post, Mike wrote the fraud training manual for Kiwibank, and provided this training to Kiwibank staff along with armed robbery survival training. He has an extensive training background and enjoying delivering presentations and training.

Wide Ranging Investigative Experience

  • Internal staff theft and fraud
  • External theft and fraud
  • Large scale Ponzi schemes
  • Invoicing fraud
  • The gaming industry
  • The insurance industry
  • The energy sector
  • The telecommunications market
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Surveillance
  • Bankruptcy
  • Proceeds of Crime

Serious Fraud Prosecutions

Mike’s work at the Serious Fraud Office led to the prosecution of a number of individuals for tens of millions of dollars of fraudulent activity.

Mike believes that prevention is better than cure and he has conducted a number of security risk audits, including audits into the transport sector and service industry, safeguard clients from fraudulent attacks.

He has demonstrated an ability to think outside the box to come up with outstanding results.

Experience Working with Legislation

Icarus Investigations is experienced in working with legislation and its effects on different scenarios. Helping you understand how legislation may effect you in a particular situation is one important service we can offer you. The list below outlines the areas of legislation we have worked with.

  • Crimes Act
  • Employment Relations Act
  • Serious Fraud Office Act
  • Resource Management Act
  • Insolvency Act
  • Proceeds of Crimes Act